St Dunstan’s

Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England

St Dunstan's

Ivan’s Thoughts


This short article asks why Jesus, who only lived for about 33 years, is remembered today as the most famous person to have ever lived, despite never having written anything down or having anything written about him until 60 years after his death.

He is today remembered in the smallest of villages all over the world with his own church at the centre of the community. His crucifixion is recorded in the Roman history of that time and his Resurrection on the 3rd day was the first to be recorded....but was it the first to take place?  

I believe the soul leaving the body on death is a function of the body like a boy's voice breaking at the age of 12/14 years; but it became known only after Jesus' resurrection, when he appeared to his disciples and many others for 40 days, before ascending to heaven from the Mount of Olives on Ascension Day as briefly described in Luke Ch 24 v 51 and Acts 1 vv 9 - 11.

During the last 3 years of his life, Jesus travelled the Holy Land with his disciples teaching the word of God; but I have chosen to close by thinking how Jesus describes the difference between a loving God and loving somebody on this earth. The latter means feeling real affection for them or being drawn to them in some other way; but we love God with all our souls in developing our spiritual selves in God's service rather than our own. We love God with all our minds by fully and energetically applying our intellects in speaking out for God's will rather than our own and doing it.    

Ivan Stewart