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Mary’s Thoughts for the Month


A glass half empty, half full or, even, full!

Are you a glass half empty person or a glass half full?  Life at the moment seems to me to have more than its usual share of ambiguities

One of my mother’s carers tested positive for Covid 19.  My mother is 91 - but it’s over two weeks now since they met and she has shown no signs of illness.  So thankful!

Our garden looks like a battlefield following building work, it’s slippery underfoot and we can’t get out safely. But the landscapers have got started and it should all be safe by the time the really bad weather comes.  It might even be safe for my mother to come to the house again!

Life isn’t easy but my mother grew up with well water and no electricity. The family walked everywhere. Life for me is very easy!

What are your ambiguities?  Some are maybe more common to us all.

The weather is changing, the rainstorms are horrendous but the autumn colours are lovely and the freshness after the storms is fantastic.

Shopping has lost some of its fun under Covid but hundreds of shopworkers and companies are working really hard so that necessities can be bought.  Many things can be delivered to our doors by hardworking, probably poorly paid, delivery people or volunteers from the Risborough Basket.  We are blessed.

It is troubling and horrifying the way the virus is once again spreading but, unlike many countries, we have a health service and a good one. People who are seriously ill will get treatment. It is really hard not being able to meet with friends and relatives but we have wonderful ways of being able to communicate these days.  Even if they are abroad we can be in close touch.

When Mary rejoiced because she was pregnant with Jesus (Luke Chapter 1 v.46ff.), she rejoiced because God’s way is to give to those who are poor and hungry and considered the bottom of the pile by others.  He has always valued the down-trodden and the underdog.  During this pandemic we are beginning to value the poorly paid who serve the rest of us in so many ways; by doing so we are moving nearer to the way God sees things.

However, already the advertising for Christmas is coming in, encouraging us to be extravagant, to have more than we need,.  Maybe we are being enticed to make up to ourselves for difficult times in other ways. But many people in this country are going to be very hard up.  There are parents who are going without in order to feed their children.  We have refugees losing their lives to try to get here.  If we have food to eat and clothes to wear and a roof over our head, shouldn’t we be thinking about what we can give to help people who do not have these things?  

Isn’t it time to take hold of the fact that for many of us our glass is really very full.  If we are some of the fortunate ones who have enough, maybe this year we should deliberately plan to have less at Christmas so that we can give more to other people.

Blessings,  Mary