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Thought for the week from Canon Rob: 27th September

The picture here is of Chelmsford Cathedral in Essex where, 50 years ago on 24th September, I was ordained priest in the Church of England. How time flies when you are having fun! This Sunday’s Service will be the occasion to mark the anniversary, although the celebrations will be very low-key because of the restrictions in force.

Whilst that is a pity for my family, friends and I, it makes me conscious of the fact that Covid-19 affects us all in different ways, not least those who have a special occasion, or have been looking forward to celebrating one. Several weddings booked for this year at St Dunstan’s have had to be cancelled – or postponed until next year. Couples who were hoping to have a child baptised have had to postpone those. Whilst, at the time of writing this, weddings can take place in church but numbers attending, which were 30, are now restricted to 15 and that has a great impact on the special day. It wouldn’t be the same!!

It isn’t just church events which are affected of course! Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and all other special family celebrations are affected and probably will be for several months ahead. Only last week Vicky and I went to see our son and his family, as their two young children had their birthdays. Only six of us were able to be together, much to the disappointment of their cousins who missed out! Like everyone, I imagine, we made the best of it but – as all agree - “it isn’t the same!”

But one thing is, at least for those of us with faith: God’s love endures forever and whatever! Psalm 107, in the Old Testament, is given the title “God’s Enduring Love” by at least one scholar and that just about sums up what Christians (and Jews of course) believe. No matter who we are, what we do, or what happens to us, God’s love endures. And for those with faith, that love endures beyond life on earth after we die. You may like to join us in saying the prayer below and I hope it helps you face the difficult days ahead:

O God, your steadfast loves endures for ever
and your faithfulness from, one generation to another;
rescue your people from their distress, still the storms of self-will
and bring us to the haven you have prepared for us
in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.